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Research on steel forming technologies conducted by POSCO which is essential for diverse industries can be classified into the following four categories.

Formability evaluation and friction test

In order to check manufacturing formability of new high strength steel a forming test of auto part is performed and then it is possible to confirm the formability by using FLD (Forming Limit Diagram) for Quantitative analysis of strain distribution.
FLD is a diagram that expresses the amount of strain in each direction caused by forming, and formability can be determined by using this procedure.

Complex mold test, AHSS hood forming, Quantitative analysis of strain rate distribution, A. 3-dimensional image

Estimation of springback

Springback of material and shear fracture have recently become important factor in the forming process by adopting AHSS (Advanced High Strength Steel) to auto parts. In order to accurately estimate springback and shear fracture, forming analysis technology with a higher precision than before and advanced material model such as yield function and hardening rule are under research. In addition, we conduct research on production technology with respect to process design including die and part shape to minimize springback and shear fracture. Through prediction of amount of springback and formability of parts which is in development, we are able to propose an optimal solution with consideration on manufacturing conditions of customers.

Test for Mechanical Properties, Development of Yield Function & Hardening Rule, Quantitative Analysis of Strain Rate Distribution

Example of new steel type applied to electronic / automobile industry

We make guidelines on the use of new steel materials for inexperienced customers, providing technical support for parts design and die technology.
POSCO has been developing application technologies for new steel materials with OEMs and parts companies through EVI collaboration to promote application of new steel materials.

High Strength Steel, New Black Resin Coated Steel, GI ACE (for Outer Panel), TWIP Steel

HPF (Hot Press Forming) parts development technology

We develop and supply new forming technologies to increase our market share of steel materials in the automobile market.
We built TWB, HF and HPF production facilities in Gwangyang and have been developing mass production technologies.
Our research efforts are placed on TWB-HPF, MS-HPF and MD-RF, the most advanced forming technologies that will overcome limitations of existing forming technologies.

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