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POSCO supplies Tailor Welded Blank (TWB), Hydroforming (HF) and Hot Press Forming (HPF) products to customers and develops related technologies.

TWB is a technology that cuts steel plates with different thickness and type into appropriate size and shape, pressing plate combined by welding, and processing it into parts. We have designed weld lines and blank shape designs through forming analysis with consideration on formability and weld line of materials with different material properties and thickness.

Hydroforming is a technology that deforms a raw material into wanted shape by applying high fluid pressure on interior of steel tube or one side of sheet. POSCO has comprehensive technologies to cover from development of hydroforming materials to design and manufacture of die applicable to mass production. A light weight steel solution based on hydroforming technology is provided during new car development of OEMs.

Example of TWB forming analysis, Example of HF part development

Hot Process Forming is a technology that heats steel plate to temperature above 900°C, forms a heated material by using die at room temperature, and finally increases strength by quenching effect to manufacture ultra high strength parts. We have developed a comprehensive solution including development of applicable material and mass productive die appropriate for Hot Press Forming. Auto part manufacturing technology and forming analysis technique has been under researched such as high temperature materials property evaluation on HPF steel, thermal-plastic coupled solving technique, flow analysis in cooling channel inside die, and cooling analysis of material under continuous production.

Also, we are actively studying TWB-HPF, MS-HPF and PosRollForm, the most advanced technologies that will overcome limitations of existing forming technologies.

MS-HPF and TWB-HPF, which are kind of Tailored HPF, simultaneously realize collision energy absorption and higher deformation resistance section to improve low ductility in conventional HPF part with the same strength.

POSCO conducts research on MS-HPF that makes the various strengths caused by different thermal history in single part. Besides, the different strength inside of single part can be made by TWB-HPF which uses TWB material combining a number of materials with different strength through welding and HPF proces.

PosRollFrom, that is a unique technology of POSCO, overcome the conventional roll forming process manufacturing the part with constant cross sectional area. It is possible to manufacture the roll forming part with variable cross sectional area by using linear/rotational movement of roll stand. The PosRollForm machine with capacity of manufacturing ultra high strength auto part was built. In addition, in order to obtain more efficient and accurate simulation result, the design/analysis software specialized in PosRollForm process was developed.

Characteristics of Tailored HPF parts, Example of MD-RF part