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Background and Development Objective

Global warming has serious impact so as to change the entire automobile industry. As vehicle CO2 emissions have been recognized as main cause of global warming, emission regulations have been coming into force on the automotive business. Furthermore, automotive companies have tried to not only improve the efficiency of internal-combustion engine but also concentrate on the development of eco-friendly car using electric motor system along with market conditions of high oil prices due to depletion of fossil fuels.

Such rapid changes of the automobile industry are threatening the role of steel materials in car bodies. There are attempts to use light-weight materials such as aluminum, magnesium and plastic as car bodies. POSCO developed light-weight and safe car bodies, especially for electric vehicles, to dominate the market with a comprehensive steel solution that will contribute to steel market for green cars.

Advanced Steel Technology of POSCO

PBC-EV (POSCO Body Concept-Electric Vehicle) successfully secured driving distance of 160km at maximum velocity of 150km/h using 100kW permanent magnetic type AC motor and 30kWh LiPB battery.

For high safety and light weight of car body, the development of PBC-EV was focused on two points in large.

  1. First is the application of advanced steel material.
    We applied unique and advanced POSCO’s steels having high strength and elongation such as AHSS like DP and TRIP, TWIP, and PosM_XF. Also, ultra high strength steel (UHSS) of 1,000MPa or above was applied to over 45% the material to maximize overall strength of car body.
  2. Second is the introduction of advanced construction method for expanded application of UHSS.
    We not only optimized existing methods such as TWB (Tailor Welded Blank), HF (Hydroforming), HPF (Hot Press Forming) and RF (Roll Forming) but also developed and applied methods optimized for advances steels of POSCO such as tailored HPF, multi-strength HPF and PosRollForm (Flexible Roll Forming).

Forming technology

Important Performance

PBC-EV developed in 2 years has minimized the use of mild steel and applied over 65% or AHSS and over 45% of UHSS. Weight was reduced by 26% compared to cars of the same size with internal combustion engines. In addition, high strength of car body was achieved, receiving 5 stars from EURONCAP and Good result from IIHS. We have continuously been upgrading the solution to cope with small overlap collision of IIHS introduced in the recent.

steel grades(As % of Body weight)

Hardware Demonstrations

PBC-EV has a realistic structure applicable immediately by auto maker to the body of battery electric vehicles which will be in mass production in the near future. Some of POSCO's advanced new steel grades and new manufacturing technologies applied to PBC-EV will be ready in a few years. In particular, we have built 10 BIWs(Body-in-White) to validate the mass production possibility of the structural design of new steel grade and manufacturing process. POSCO will keep on continuing to develop greener, lighter and safer solution, based on PBC-EV and plan to provide the customer tailored steel solution through EVI activities.

car test