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Background and Development Objective

Light duty trucks have formed the second largest market around the world next to passenger cars. The need for fuel economy is greatly increased by reinforcement of exhaust gas and fuel economy regulations. Especially in the automobile markets of North America, sales figure of full-size pickup trucks (Ford F series, Chevrolet Silverado, etc.) has been maintained as top 1 or 2 among light duty trucks. It would be essential to achieve light weight of such models in order to satisfy the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulation of North America. Accordingly, POSCO attempts to provide an outstanding steel solution for a variety of vehicles by developing PBC-LT, which is a light-weight and safe car body made of steel, for both passenger cars and full-size pickup trucks.

Advanced Steel Technology of POSCO

Same as PBC-EV, the development of PBC-LT was focused on two points. First is the application of advanced steel material. Advanced steels of POSCO such as Giga-level DP, TRIP, Mart and HPF were applied. Especially, Giga-level UHSS was applied to over 50% of material to increase strength of the entire frame and car body. Second, to expand application of advanced steel, we optimized existing methods such as TWB (Tailor Welded Blank), HF (Hydroforming), HPF (Hot Press Forming) and RF (Roll Forming) and applied new methods such as tailored HPF and multi-strength HFP.

Advanced Steel Grade, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Lightweight Body & Frame

Important Performance

PBC-LT successfully reduced weight by 20% compared to existing full-size pickup trucks through over 68% of AHSS and over 50% of UHSS. Also, we have embodied a solution to obtain excellent results in terms of collision laws and product evaluation in North America by increasing strength of car body. Such development results suggest that expanded application of advanced steel materials such as AHSS and UHSS is the most efficient way to develop safe and light-weight cars.

Important Performance