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The Iron Age civilization that started around 4,000 BC is still continuing in the modern days. POSCO, provides high quality steel materials wanted by customers and comprehensive solutions that embrace machining and welding of materials. Welding is the most efficient way to join steel materials and is an essential process for various-industrial areas. POSCO develops technologies customized for each client, endeavoring to create new demands in industries ranging from offshore, shipbuilding, steel building material to automobile. We support welding and joining technologies on existing mass produced steel materials, develop welding material and process for newly developed-steel, and try to growth together with clients.



Shipbuilding industry shows most extensive use of welding. Competitiveness of shipbuilding industry can be seen as to depend on welding competitiveness because about 35% of overall shipbuilding expense is predicted as expense related to welding. Heavy industry companies builds different types of ships including containers, tankers, bulk carrier and LNG carried depending on the purpose. Different welding processes like FCAW (Flux Core Arc Welding), SAW (Submerged Arc Welding) and EGW (Electro Gas Welding) are applied according to shape and purpose of structure.

Especially in the recent, safer welding technologies are demanded because super large container ships (over 18,000 TEU grade) have been built. More effective welding processes are also required to improve productivity. To satisfy such demands of clients, POSCO provides optimal welding solutions for steel materials and strives to develop new welding technologies.



Offshore plant

Offshore plant refers to offshore or seabed structures and is classified into drilling unit, production unit, multipurpose unit, fixed platform, floating type unit and compliant type and it is extremely important to select appropriate steel type, develop new steel type, and secure welding conditions and mechanical properties.

Offshore standard

Offshore construction involves strict management of standards and steel materials used according to spec. required on structures (toughness, strength and CTOD of base material and weldment). There are various offshore standards to guarantee such spec. including European Standard (EN), British Standard (BS), API Standard, NOSORK, ASTM and DEP (Shell). There are active research efforts on certification for new steel materials for offshore industry, development of appropriate welding materials, and securing of mechanical properties of weldment.

Steel Building Material

Steel Building Material

Construction of skyscrapers involves expanded application of ultra high strength steel. Constructors can reduce the amount of steel materials used on structures through application of ultra high strength steel and reduce construction expenses by reducing the amount of welding.


POSCO develops and provides welding solutions to be applied to ultra high strength steel for construction industry.


We also provide an opportunity for clients to create new profit by developing highly efficient welding technology and appropriate welding material for construction. We will ceaselessly try to grow with clients by finding new markets through provision of optimal welding design, material and construction technology for various circumstanc.

Examples of next-generation welding and joining technologies

Automotive Industry

Development of Welding Quality Assurance Technology for Steel Materials Difficult to Weld

We established welding part evaluation technology for actual parts of AHSS, hyper NO steel and high alloy 400 series STS. We also develop customized joining technology for steel materials difficult to weld, and support weld quality assurance technology demanded by clients. AS providing welding database that can be reflected on early design of welding part, we support our client in designing an efficient designe with more accurate and faster weld analysis and prediction system. In addition, we provice the information of optimal welding materials for steel materials difficult to weld and conduct research on the development of functional and anti-corrosive welding materials.

Development of New Welding and Joining Technology

In addition to further development of existing thin plate joining technology, we have developed advanced welding technologies to enhance weld quality of steel materials difficult to weld. We have an intelligent resistance spot welding system and low heat input welding technology like CMT for spatter reduction. We are continuing our research on TWB, delta spot, HFIW, flash butt pipe and laser hybrid welding technologies, as well as solid state joining technology for high strength steel.

Customized Technical Support on Clients

We conduct regular training that combines general contents of thin plate welding and core technologies for clients. We analyze and support production issues and welding defects to provide customized technical support.

Creation of Nonferrous Material Welding DB

We have a database on arc welding, resistance welding, laser welding and adhesion for nonferrous materials like Mg alloy. We develop welding technologies to ehnhace weldment of nonferrous materials, conduct research on advanced welding technologies such as hybrid welding and joining, TOPTIG and FSW. Furthermore, active research efforts are taken to develop actual parts and establish quality evaluation technology through drawing welding and joining process guideline.

Motor / Transformer

Electric steel plate is used as core of motors and transformers. Electric steel plate with lower core loss is used to improve efficiency. Electric steel plate is divided into oriented electric steel plate and non-oriented electric steel plate, and oriented electric steel plate is used for transformers, converters and reactors. Non-oriented electric steel plate is used for motors and generators. We develop welding technologies applicable to overall process of clients through design, computational analysis, magnetic evaluation, machinability evaluation and electric / mechanical performance prediction on various electric steel plates of POSCO to provide customized technologies to each client.

[Driving performance prediction technology for green cars]

Magnetic field distribution, Efficiency map, Mileage of green car

[Transformer noise / vibration prediction technology]

Magnetic field distribution, Force in transformer core (magnetic force + magnetostriction), Vibration type

Introduction to Welding Technologies