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The final mechanical properties of heat treated steels are determined by heat treatment. Heat treated steels can obtain high strength, high toughness, durability, wear resistance and fatigue performance through heat treatment.

Heat treatment is usually final process. Forming process is accompanied before heat treatment because it makes forming easily to obtain final shape of each heat treated parts. We can also improve specific properties using heat treatment.

Heat treatment can be classified into two types. The common type of heat treatment is bulk hardening heat treatments using high carbon steels and alloy steels, which are represented by ‘QT’ (Quenching and Tempering) and ‘Austempering’. The heat treatments such as nitriding, carburizing and carbonitriding, applied on only surface of steels, tends to increase in these days. (Especially, nitriding shows smaller distortion and better surface compared to bulk heat treatment in spite of its high cost.) Other heat treatments including annealing, high frequency induction heat treatment, flame hardening (which mostly used in mold steel), plasma heat treatment, and vacuum carburizing have been studied.

PAC mainly provides technical supports to find and apply a heat treatable steel and heat treatment method satisfied with final customer’s requirements. Especially, PAC have carried out researches to find appropriate heat treatment conditions in order to replace expensive high alloyed high carbon steels into low cost Boron added high carbon steel, resulting in reducing material cost.

Also, PAC have analyzed in various heat treated samples such as automotive parts, tools, etc. to find defects and improve heat treatment method for our customers. We established a steel database on heat treatment characteristics of steels. In addition, we have researched shortening process of our customer’s manufacturing system using heat treatment.

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