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Posco SNS

Posco Product Application Center



Surface treatment of steel is a research area that creates values of global customers and contributes to creation of low carbon and green society by developing product technologies with various functional steels such as galvanized steels and functional organic coatings. Since surface technology is widely used in different industries including automobile, home appliance and construction material, a wide range of application technologies is required.

PAC develops optimal technologies for diverse processes of clients to satisfy anti-corrosion, lubrication, forming, thermal resistance, chemical resistance, adhesion, painting and electric properties of different surface treated steels of POSCO. It also performs development of appropriate parts for such surface treated steels, quality certification and providing quality standards for clients. Technical support is provided to customer’s trouble shooting while they use surface treated steels.

  • Characteristic study on surface treated steels and usage conditions
    We help our customers to use steel materials by studying correlation among surface characteristics, adhesion and painting of surface treated steels in home appliances and providing technical support.
  • Parts Development
    We create values for customers by suggesting and developing parts that satisfy characteristics of surface treated steels such as lubrication and anti-corrosion characteristics.
  • Quality evaluation and standard of clients
    We cooperate with customers to support technology and establish quality standard related to anti-corrosion, appearance and other carious quality of surface treated steels of POSCO.
  • Technical support on customers
    We develop optimal technology solutions and provide technical support for clients so they can conveniently use surface treated steels.

Surface Technology