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HSB (High-performance Steels for Bridges) is a high performance steel for bridge structures that shows generally improved strength, tension and weldability compared to existing steel materials. The bridge field is focusing on the development of bridge system with increased economic feasibility and safety. HSB is applied to different bridge structures such as Incheondaegyo Bridge, the longest bridge of Korea, hybrid girder, steel composite girder, assembly type bridge (Modular bridge), and steel pylon.

We are striving to develop bridges that reflect the new construction method that replaces representative bridge type according to span length based on HSB technology. MPC girder, Precom girder, SBarch girder and HD box girder are representative product type bridges that exhibit improved constructability, economic feasibility, low girder depth and dynamic performance compared to existing bridge types like PSC girder, plate girder and steel box girder. Also, Modular bridge is a technology that combines standard plant modules that consist of bent steel girder and steel composite floor plate to reduce manufacturing expense and construction period by 20%.

In the field of cable bridges, 2,200MPa MS cable-stayed bridge system and 2,400MPa PT cable system were developed using high strength PosCABLE98 and reflected on design of many cable bridges such as Taein 2nd Bridge and Ulsandaegyo Bridge.

[HSB material applications]

HSB600 applied to girder of cable-stayed bridge (Incheondaegyo)

[Physical properties of HSB]

Physical properties of HSB
Steel type HSB500 HSB600 HSB800
Maximum thickness 100mm 100mm 80mm
Yield strength
(allowable stress)
380MPa (230MPa) 450MPa (270MPa) 690MPa (380MPa)
Tensile strength 500MPa 600MPa 800MPa
Minimum impact
toughness (CVN)
47J @ -5℃ (HSB500)
47J @ -20℃ (HSB500L)
47J @ -5℃ (HSB600)
47J @ -20℃ (HSB600L)
47J @ -20℃ (HSB800)
47J @ -40℃ (HSB800L)
EN10025 S355M SN460M S690Q
JIS G 3106,3140 SM490, SM520 SM570, SBHS500 SBHS700

[Bridge products using HSB]

Product bridge using HSB
Span 20~40m 40~60m 60~100m
As-Is PSC I girder Plate I girder Steel Box girder
To-Be MPC girder Precom girder SBarch girder

[High strength cable system using PosCABLE98]

High strength cable system using PosCABLE98
Suspension Bridge
Cable Stayed Bridge
Concrete (PT) Cable Tester
As-Is 1860MPa, Ф5.4mm 1770MPa, Ф7mm 1860MPa, Ф15.7mm 1860MPa, Ф15.2mm 27 MN fatigue
and 15 MN watertight
To-Be 2100MPa, Ф5.4mm 1900MPa, Ф7mm 2200MPa, Ф15.7mm 2400MPa, Ф15.2mm 30 MN fatigue
and 15 MN watertight
  • - AS/PPWS : Air Spinning / Prefabricated Parallel Wire Strand
  • - PWS/MS : Parallel Wire Strand / Multi-Strand
  • - PT : Post-Tensioning

'Applications of high strength cable systems to structures

Sequence of modular bridge construction

Applicability evaluation of HSB800, Field test on modular bridge, Performance of PPWS cable system