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Architecture area is developing various technologies to use construction materials and steel building materials, such as steel pipe with seismic resistance for stadiums (STKN), PosMAC steel material with excellent anti-corrosiveness and stainless steel material, that satisfy performance required on high performance steel HSA800, ultra thick plate TMCP, aseismic SN steel, and SN steel. We are focusing our research on super high-rise, long span, large space and systematic building structures.

HSA800 (High-performance Steel for Architecture) is an ultra thick steel material for ultra high strength structures with the world’s highest tensile strength of 800MPa, manufactured using TMCP. It not only shows material strength but can secure ultra thick plate of 100mm thickness and strain performance applicable to effective structure system.
SN (Steel New) material with increased aseismic performance has upper and lower limits of yield point and yield ratio based on the new standard enacted in June 1994 for the purpose of reinforcing aseismic design of buildings in Japan after the Kobe Earthquake, increase weldability of steel materials, and prevent the use of low grade materials.
TMCP material generally refers to all steel materials manufactured by TMCP (Thermo Mechanical Controlled Process) method. Especially, high performance TMCP material of POSCO called PILAC BT (POSCO In Line Accelerate Controlled Building High Tensile) is manufactured based on strict standards for yield ratio and upper limit of strength.

PosMAC (POSCO Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Coating) material is a ternary alloy of Zn-Mg-Al with excellent anti-corrosiveness developed by unique technology of POSCO. This steel material has anti-corrosiveness 5 times better than ordinary hot dip galvanizing steel plates (GI, HGI).
STS 446M is a stainless steel material with excellent anti-corrosiveness containing chromium (Cr) and molybdenum (Mo). This material is used as exterior material for buildings such as roofs of ASEM Center and Incheon International Airport. PosSD (POSCO Super Ductile Duplex Stainless) material is another stainless steel material that makes use of poStrip, a new casting technology of POSCO. This material has secured price competitiveness with low nickel (Ni) content while maintaining similar machinability and anti-corrosiveness.

Construction method using HSA800, Effects of HSA800

[Physical properties of HSA800]
Physical properties of HSA800
Item Required Performance
Applied thickness 25~100mm
Tensile strength / yield strength 800~950MPa / 650~770MPa
Yield ratio 0.85 or below
Elongation 16% or above
[Physical properties of PosMAC material]
Physical properties of PosMAC material
Grade POSCO KS D 3030 Mechanical properties(㎫,%)
CQ PosMAC-C KS-SGMHC 170~400 270~450 28~ 1T
DQ PosMAC-D - ~245 270~400 35~ 1T
Structural PosMAC-340 KS-SGMH340 250~450 350~470 20~ 1T
PosMAC-400 KS-SGMH400 300~490 410~560 18~ 2T
PosMAC-440 KS-SGMH440 350~490 450~600 18~ 3T
PosMAC-Y340 - 340~ 410~ 21~ 2T
PosMAC-490 KS-SGMH490 370~600 490~650 16~ 3T
PosMAC-540 KS-SGMH540 450~600 540~650 16~ 3T
PosMAC-700 - 500~650 700~ 13~ 3T

PosMAC material (galvanized layer), Example of STS 446M, PosSD

Applications of HSA800

Also, architecture sector has developed POS-BH technology compatible with diverse beam spec based on optimized built-up H-shaped steel design and eco-girder technology that replaces existing roll H composite beam by end-reinforced built-up H composite beam. These technologies were respectively applied to Dongdaegu Transfer Center and Grand Convention Center. BESTO BEAM technology that maximizes composite effect of steel and concrete can reduce the amount of steel used by 30~40% compared to steel frame composite beam and reduce story height. This was applied to CINEPARK in Gunpo. Angle composite column technology is a technology that improves constructability of beam-column joint by replacing roll H steel composite beam with end-reinforced built-up H composite beam.


Steel pipe concrete top-down construction method is a technology that replaces roll H shaped column by round steel pipe concrete composite column and combines top-down construction method that simultaneously performs construction of basement floor and ground floor. It reduces construction expense for basement floor by 35%. POSBALL and POSTAR technologies with light weight of roof structure joint node can improve constructability and economic feasibility for construction of roof structures in large space.

We are also conducting research on various element technologies to implement economically feasible systems such as aseismic / reuse structure technology that absorbs seismic impact using damper system and recycles buildings, high manganese steel floor plate technology that introduces floor structure with reduced noise between floors in apartment buildings, and steel curtain wall technology with improved structural performance (wind pressure resistance and seismic resistance), environment-friendly performance (thermal insulation, airtightness and condensation) and fire resistance using PosMAC steel material.

Top-down construction method

Steel composite column