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Energy plant area focuses on the development of economically feasible and optimal structure systems for LNG / LPG storage tanks, land and offshore plant pipes, pipe structures, and wind support structures.

Energy pipe simulation technology is a technology that predicts changes in physical properties of pipes for different manufacturing methods such as JCO, UOE, roll bending, ERW and spiral. We conduct research to suggest optimal material and piping conditions for our clients.

Offshore plant and wind power sectors have developed cold formed bending technology on AB/EQ70 material (70mm thickness) to manufacture high quality and high precision jack-up rigs. We developed Warren truss jacket and transition piece for offshore wind power generation to reduce weight of steel material, quantity of welding and construction period compared to the conventional X-brace jacket system.

Pipe simulation technology

ERW piping process analysis

EQ steel technology for jack-up rig

Jack-up rig and leg / Cold bending of chord

Substructure technology for offshore wind power

[Comparison of steel weight and welding points for each jacket type]
Comparison of steel weight and welding points for each jacket type
Warren Truss X Bracing
Layout Warren Truss X Bracing
Steel Weight(tonf) 142.1 162.2
No. of Welding Points 114 186
[Transition Piece]

Transition Piece

Meteorological tower support structure using suction pile

Hybrid pipe rack system for onshore plant structure

Example of hybrid pipe rack project (Bed Cokes Project in Gwangyang)

Technical Differentiation AS-IS TO-BE
High strength of frame member Roll H-shaped steel (400MPa) Round steel pipe (400, 490, 500MPa)
Long span 6m 12m or above
Minimized concrete work Concrete foundation No concrete foundation
Element to correct construction error Concrete foundation (pile inclination / eccentricity)
Grout (correction of column base level)
Steel socket (pile inclination / eccentricity + correction of column base level)
Minimized pile work Concrete (PHC) pile – 2 sets Screw-connected complex pile – 1 set