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Posco SNS

Posco Product Application Center



in Incheon

PAC grows with local community.


Technical support and win-win cooperation programs for small and medium businesses in the region provided by research personnel of POSCO family
(Small and medium businesses: Bottleneck / core technologies, large enterprises: Excellent supply chain)


  • February 9, 2011: Conducted Techno Partnership Presentation for small and medium businesses of Incheon (20 companies at the presentation)
  • February 25 ~ March 14, 2011: Organized a management group and visited companies that wish to participate in Techno Partnership to identify their issues
  • March 28, 2011: Held starting ceremony of Techno Partnership in Incheon (14 companies)
  • June 1, 2014: Integrated support on Techno Partnership companies according to adjustment of RIST Steel Structure Research Center

Plans for Activities

[Features of Incheon TP]
Organization of “POSCO Family” support group and expansion of scope (POSCO Family in Songdo), expansion of scope of participants
(partners of family companies and shared growth support group), expansion of scope of support (civil engineering, construction, IT, QSS, safety,
VP guidance, management consulting, etc.)
Features of Incheon TP
Targets Small and medium businesses located nearby Incheon which are registered as manufacturing companies of POSCO Group or 2nd~4th partners, registered with Incheon Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Details of support
  • Technical consulting such as solution to technical issues and advisory on manufacturing process and products
  • Free use of research and testing facilities possessed by technical support group
  • Formation of sisterhood between excellent research personnel and small and medium businesses
  • Customized field improvement activities, QSS activities, foreign language support, safety, VP guidance, operation of call center, etc.
Business areas Machinery / metal, polymer / chemical engineering, IT, construction / civil engineering, electrics / electronics, offshore / plant, welding, industrial engineering, etc.
Methods Formation of “technical support group” for each participant and monthly visit of each company to identify bottleneck technology, diagnose technology and provide support at the site

Performance of Incheon Techno Partnership in the 1st Half of 2015

  • Request on precision instrument analysis of basic materials like high strength steel and wear resistant material, metallurgic analysis and test analysis according to development of materials
  • Request on seminars about latest technical trends such as welding technology, metals, metallic characteristics and forming technology
  • Mutual support of human resources and testing apparatus among POSCO family companies through TP and provision of mutual technical advisory

Performance of Incheon Techno Partnership in the 1st Half of 2015