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Posco Product Application Center



Purpose of Foundation

Songdo Product Application Center was founded for the purpose of
supporting integrated EVI (Early Vendor Involvement)
and developing customized product application technology

Integrated EVI, Development of customized product application technology

With deepening oversupply of the global steel industry caused by extension of facilities, competition in the overseas markets is becoming increasingly fierce. A crisis has been developed with formation of full-scale domestic competition and expanded steel exportation of China and Japan. It is now difficult to maintain market share and customers simply through stable supply of steel materials as in the past.
Also after the global financial crisis of 2008, creative steel technology is being emphasized more than any other times in order to overcome the ever-changing era of uncertainties and grow into a global enterprise.
Accordingly, POSCO started construction of Songdo Product Application Center in June 2008 and completed it on November 4, 2010 with the aim of expanding its R&D activities centered on Pohang and Gwangyang Technical Research Centers and leading the future technology as a global steel company.

Domestic and overseas clients

EVI activity is one of future growth engines of POSCO started out with automobile industry in 2001. POSCO maximized the utility of products by actively suggesting optimal steel type and method for achieving light weight since early stages of new car model development.
Songdo PAC has expanded the scope of EVI activity from automobile industry to home appliance, construction and machine parts. It supports both domestic and overseas clients. It aims to growth together with clients by providing total technology solutions for forming, welding and surface treatment of new materials and reinforcing next-generation steel technologies based on the needs of customers.
Songdo PAC will unite the research capacity of POSCO family members including POSCO, POSTECH and Pohang Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology. By reinforcing industrial-academic R&D network with global companies and universities, Songdo PAC will become the hub of next-generation convergence technologies and the mecca of customer value creation.